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by | October 25, 2010 | News

Dick Boyd, Associate Pastor at First United Methodist Church, has served on The Community Outreach board since 2006 and will retire from it in December. As he leaves his greatest wish for the agency is that more churches begin to include The Community Outreach as part of not only their budgets but also their helping ministries. He said, “This agency provides a way to help those truly in need without enabling those who try to take advantage of the caring system and/or churches in the community.” He added, “The ministries of the agency have greatly expanded over the last four years and being kept current about the needs of people in the community as well as the ways in which many are trying to meet those needs is what I will miss most after leaving the board.” He concluded, “I don’t know if the needs have changed over the past four years but the number of those in need has definitely increased.”

Reverend Boyd has served churches in Conde/Andover, Rapid City and Milbank, SD and Jamestown, ND. Through the years he has learned that the vast majority of people are good and do care about their fellow human beings. In fact he identifies the people he has gotten to know and had the privilege to serve and walk through difficult life circumstances with as the greatest blessing as a pastor. “On the opposite side, the greatest challenge of my role is knowing there are so many unmet needs not only in our community but everywhere,” he reflected.

A graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary, Reverend Boyd was born and raised on a Henry, SD farm with a younger brother. He and his wife, Cheryl, celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary this summer and are the proud parents of two children and five grandchildren with whom he enjoys playing.

Pastor Boyd appreciates what a gift and treasure life is and we thank and appreciate him for serving the agency, the community and those in need through his tenure on the board.

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