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by | October 25, 2011 | News, Newsletters

First, I would like to say “Thank you!” to everyone who has partnered with us this year, and in years past. As the needs of this community continue to grow at a steady pace, so has the support from our Faith and Community partners, and we cannot thank everyone enough for all you have done through the years.

Being on the Board of Directors has increased my awareness of the work that it takes to live a life of poverty. Time is your biggest enemy, and no matter how hard someone tries, there never seems to be enough time in the day.

My time with The Community Outreach has also increased my understanding the importance and positive impact of helping a family stay in their home. When a gift is gifted to our ministry, you’re giving the gift of peace, and security. For every family that we are able to help with rent, is one more family with a warm bed this winter, one more child who will know they will be able to sleep in their own bed; and those gifts are priceless.

The Community Outreach would also not be where it is today without our local United Way. Our partnership with the United Way has meant so much to the Sioux Empire Community. Because of their support, families are able to enter into a relationship with mentors and have someone walk along side them in their struggles. A person is there to provide support, ideas, and most importantly… to be a friend. These are things that many of our families have not ever had, and it means the world to them.

For the last 35 years The Community Outreach has worked hard to serve this community, but without the support that we have received, none of it would have been possible. On behalf of everyone who can’t, I would like to say, “Thank you!” and we pray that we will be here for you and this community for another 35 years.

God Bless,

Dave Eiesland

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