A Message From the Director: What Do We Stand For…

by | January 12, 2012 | News, Newsletters

What do we stand for?

 This year we will care for more than 5000 people by living the shared values we agreed to in 2011:

  • Commitment to the Christian faith – Biblical standards for Christian character and conduct will be the guide for all of our work;
  • The power of collective outreach – We will act in close partnership with congregations and community groups to identify and address unmet needs of the working poor in the Sioux Empire;
  • Acting with integrity and justice – We will treat every individual with respect, compassion, and equality;
  • Serving with hopefulness and joy – We will engage each person with a glad heart and an attitude of hope; and
  • Accountability – We will establish clear measures of stewardship for the resources we receive and the quality of the services we offer.

While our procedures will often change to meet current needs, our shared values will rarely change.  We will strive to have every aspect of our work guided by these values, including how we interact with you as a church leader, community leader, volunteer mentor, or donor.

Please help us by being in regular prayer that we will be in His will and we will have the knowledge and strength to do so.  We would also appreciate your help as an accountability partner.  If you ever have a question or concern that we are not fully living out our shared values; please give me a call (331-3935) or email ([email protected]) so we can examine our conduct and learn from you.

Thank you for your generous gifts of time, talent, and wealth in 2011 … and thank you for renewing your commitment to this ministry in 2012.  So many lives have been touched by your generosity!

Gary Helder, Executive Director

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