#anygift Campaign Continues to Roll On!

December was a busy month for The Community Outreach. From our annual Christmas for a Cause fundraiser to the Sharing Christmas program, everyone in the office was busy making a difference. However, while being wrapped up in the busyness of the season, we often overlook the meaning of Christmas.

Thankfully, an anonymous donor helped us refocus on this meaning. One afternoon, after taking a tour of the Sioux Falls Ministry Center, an anonymous gentleman left an envelope in the Center of Hope’s Bike Shop. A volunteer, whose curiosity was struck, opened the envelope to find the man had left an anonymous gift of a golden coin and a letter explaining his intentions.

The donor, who had given similar gifts to the Salvation Army in the past, made it clear that he hoped this gift would spark a wave of similar anonymous giving in the Sioux Empire. He signed off on the letter by stating. “Any one, any time, any place, #anygift can make a difference.” By using the hashtag ‘#anygift’, the hope is for area non-profits to track anonymous giving through their social media.

During the third annual Christmas for a Cause fundraiser, The Community Outreach became the second organization of the season to receive the anonymous gift of a golden coin as an envelope was handed to a board member during the reception. Along with the coin was the same message that any one, at any time, and with #anygift can make a difference!

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Since these two golden coins have appeared, The Community Outreach along with The Center of Hope has registered over $10,000 in anonymous giving! Included in this number is a group of men from Embrace Church who rallied over 17 individuals and two businesses together to contribute more than $2,700 to repair the home and vehicle of a Genesis mentee!

It is our hope that this trend continues strong! To participate in the #anygift campaign, simply send your gift to your favorite organization, including “#anygift” in the message!

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