Genesis Mentoring


Our Volunteer Mentor teams are trained to work along-side families to support them in their attempt to become more financially and domestically stable. In addition, a professional social worker is assigned to help you and your Mentee get the very best out of this experience.

Mentors build trusting relationships with their Mentees as they work together on materials we provide that are designed to help people identify and act on some very important  life changes. Without question, Mentors make a huge difference in the community in which they live!

Throughout the Genesis Mentorship experience, Mentors will:

  • Guide Mentees through the Financial Guide and Goal Setting Handbook
  • Work with their mentees to set goals for the 18 week mentorship and beyond
  • Assist in creating and editing a basic household budget with their mentee
  • Provide guidance and advice in assisting their mentee in making difficult life choices
  • Have a professional, trained case manager available to them at all times

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Mentors provide a caring and safe environment for the Mentee(s) to share thoughts and take risks. The process is supportive and affirming, not ‘telling or preaching’. Mentoring not only makes a difference in your Mentee’s life, but often means a profound difference in your own life. Good Mentors are committed to becoming involved with another person, while being respectful of their abilities and their right to make their own choices in life. Good Mentors empower rather than enable, and have the ability to listen to differing points of view while empathizing with another person’s struggles.

If you would like to attend a class to learn more about mentoring and see if this is a good fit for you, please contact Peter at 605-331-3935.