Our Genesis Mentor Orientation prepares you for the Genesis Mentor experience. We have carefully crafted a two part orientation process that allows you to learn more about our ministry and delve into the details of the Genesis Mentor Program. Our “Get to Know Us” event introduces you to the mission and vision of the ministry and the “Training” event prepares participants for the Genesis Mentorship experience.

During our one-hour “Get to Know Us” Event, you will:

      • learn the history, mission, vision and values of the Ministry
      • hear about our models of Crisis Care
      • receive an overview of poverty with a brief introduction to the Genesis Mentoring Program
      • learn the needs of the Ministry and how you can partner with us

Next Get to Know Us to be scheduled soon!

During our comprehensive training, you will:

        • learn about the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the Genesis Mentoring Program
        • discover the mindset and decision making process of those in poverty
        • hear and see testimonials from those who have made it out of the cycle of poverty
        • gain insight into setting realistic expectations, the impact of mentoring and redefining success
        • participate in a group activity to survive a month in poverty while upholding your personal values
        • explore the tenets of good mentoring and what characteristics make a good mentor
        • see how Genesis Mentor interacts with those in need to produce live changing decisions

We typically offer Orientation Sessions on a quarterly basis. Sessions are typically from 11:00 to 1:00 at the Sioux Falls Ministry Center. Lunch is provided to those who register in advance! Our next training is scheduled for Thursday, March 21, 2019.

Eventbrite - Genesis Mentor Training - June 14

Throughout the entire Orientation process, you will never be pressured to be a mentor. In fact, we provide you time after orientation to process all you have learned allowing you to decide if and when you’re ready to be a Mentor.