Genesis Program

Genesis engages community volunteers as mentors with individuals and families who are seeking to make long term life changes and seeking to obtain or retain safe and permanent housing. The Community Outreach partners with the local faith community, service organizations, businesses and individuals to enhance participants financial literacy, parenting, and other daily living skills.

Further information:

  • Participants and their family are supported by a team of mentors from a church or organization;
  • Teams focus on building a personal relationship and assisting with financial literacy, goal setting, parenting, and other general life skills needed to keep a family in safe and permanent housing;
  • The team or its sponsoring organization funds up to $1,000 for rental assistance and program completion incentives;*
  • Each participant meets with their mentor team a minimum of twelve times over an 18 week period;
  • Participants are pre-qualified by caseworkers before they are approved for the program;
  • Participants must have a source of income they can manage for their self-sufficiency;
  • Participants must be willing to commit to making lifestyle changes;
  • Caseworkers from The Community Outreach support all mentors and participants; and
  • Participants and mentors complete post meeting feedback forms and return them to a caseworker who stays closely connected to the team throughout the program.

* Payment is requested before a team begins working with a participant.  If a Genesis Team cannot raise these funds, The Community Outreach can fund the team through other sources.

To become a Genesis mentor please complete, sign and return the Mentor/Volunteer Policies and Mentor/Volunteer Application to: [email protected] .