The Community Outreach Receives the Next Gold Coin. #Anygift Keeps Moving!

Last Thursday, an anonymous donor came forward and delivered a gold coin to the Center of Hope in downtown Sioux Falls with the promise that he would be making another appearance during the Christmas season.

This past weekend, he came back!

On December 12, The Community Outreach held its third annual Christmas for a Cause Fundraiser at the Orpheum Theater in Downtown Sioux Falls.

A sealed envelope was delivered to one of our board members. Upon closer examination, the envelope contained the second gold coin and a note signed, “Any one, any amount, any place, and anytime. Anonymous. #anygift.”

We are incredibly thankful to this anonymous donor for creating a spirit of giving in the community and for the impact this gift will have on our community.

We are seeing more people respond in the spirit of giving. Recently, a group from Embrace Church has partnered with The Community Outreach to provide home and car repairs totaling over $2500 to a Genesis family.

We look forward to sharing with you the way in which people are rallying around this cause! To help us spread the message, share your #anygift moment on facebook or twitter, or anonymously comment on this post on where you will be making your #anygift commitment!

Remember, your gift doesn’t have to be a gold coin. Your gift can be any amount, given at any place, and given at any time. It is truly #anygift.



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