An Update from Dane

January in National Mentoring Month.

I want to personally thank each and everyone of you who was involved with this ministry in 2013.

During my first year on the team, I was blessed to see how many people care about the goals and mission of The Community Outreach. Because of the support of our mentors, volunteers, congregations, and individuals, we were able to provide adult mentoring to over 40 families through Genesis.

So far this year, we are on track to meet and exceed our goal to bring relationship and hope through Genesis to over 60 families in 2014. How can you help us meet this goal?

There are many ways to be involved:

  • Be a Genesis Mentor.
  • Consider being a Church Champion. Church Champions are our direct link to congregations in the Sioux Empire. They help us stay in contact and inform the congregation on the goals of the ministry.
  • Talk to you group of friends to increase awareness of the needs of the working poor in the Sioux Empire.
  • Consider sponsoring a family during our Holiday Clearinghouse Program in the Fall.
  • Join us for a Mentor Roundtable Lunch or our Spring Dance! Look for more details to come…
  • Volunteer to write a Letter to the Editor to help spread awareness of needs in Sioux Falls.

These are just a few examples of ways you can be involved in 2014. There are many more ways not listed and if you have an idea on how you would like to be involved, please let us know!

I look forward to serving with you in 2014!

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