The Community Outreach is an ecumenical, non-profit ministry that has existed in the Sioux Falls area for nearly 40 years. This ministry was founded by local leaders of the church who saw a need to supplement the welfare programs our state and local entities offered.  We stand ready to assist the residents of Lincoln, McCook, Minnehaha, and Turner counties who are struggling financially.

We strive to fill some of the gaps in the public welfare system, while personally relating to and caring for each person who comes to us. Churches, the Sioux Empire United Way, businesses, and individuals partner with us so we can provide financial assistance for those in crisis, primarily in the areas of housing, utilities, and work-related transportation. We also strive to be very well informed about other ministries and organizations so we can provide information and referrals to address needs that are outside of our core areas of assistance.

With 1 out of 10 residents in the Sioux Empire at or below the officially recognized poverty level, chances are you or someone you know is looking to break this cycle of poverty. Many more are living above the recognized poverty level but are experiencing financial stress due to a difficult life change, such as unemployment, medical and other overwhelming events.

We are generously supported by area churches, the Sioux Empire United Way, businesses, and other private donors. Because of our knowledge of community resources offered by other ministries and agencies, we have become well known as a place to go for help in any circumstance.

We serve more than 8,400 people per year in three main areas:

  1. Information and referral to other social service agencies.
  2. Financial assistance for rent, utilities, and work-related transportation. Read how we keep families together in safe and affordable housing through Crisis Care Assistance. 
  3. Financial education and mentoring. Learn how Mentees are achieving self-sufficiency through our Genesis Program. 

In addition, we partner with local congregations to go deeper in providing financial and spiritual assistance to those in need. See how these partnerships are affecting congregations right here in the Sioux Empire!