Can You Give Hope?

How you can partner to provide hope those around you through the Hezekiah House

Think back, for a moment, to a time when you felt a sense of hope.  Hope creates a feeling of optimism and opportunity inside of you.  Home ownership brings hope to an individual and is a fantastic building block on which to create a foundation for the future.

But for many who are working to build a future, home ownership remains an out of reach goal.  A new program at The Community Outreach could help change that.  Hezekiah House is designed for those looking to take the next step in their dream of owning their own home. This program will provide clean and safe rental houses for families who are working hard to better their futures.

At the end of their stay, residents may be eligible to receive up to half of their total rent paid back in the form of a cliff-vested savings account to be used for the down payment on a future home.  Participants will be partnered with a long term mentor; receive up to 50% of their paid rent back; receive credit education and counseling; learn the ins and outs of home management; and meet other families working towards the same goals.  Equally important, Hezekiah House units will be located near community congregations to provide positive spiritual care and community for participants.  A framework is in place to open the first Hezekiah Houses in partnership with Our Saviors Lutheran Church of Sioux Falls.

Hezekiah House and the lasting hope home ownership can create is not possible without your support.   Your gift of $100 will provide 2 credit counseling sessions.  Your gift of $200 will provide a home buyer education session. Through financial education, the rent return will ensure a hard working family has the tools to succeed.

Your gift supporting Hezekiah House is critical to ensure a family can make a house into their own home.  The first Hezekiah House residents will begin in Spring 2018.  Through your direct financial support, Hezekiah House will be replicated across Sioux Falls.

We look forward to partnering with you to provide for the unmet needs in our community, together.

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