Donate a Difference with the Sioux Empire United Way

“Donate a difference.”  You have heard this phrase on the radio during your morning commute, during the evening news, and while scrolling through your Facebook page.  It is the slogan for the Sioux Empire United Way.  But what does it mean for a local organization to be sponsored by the United Way?  How are you “donating a difference”?

At The Community Outreach, being supported by the Sioux Empire United Way allows us to have a profound impact through these donor dollars.  In 2015, 4500 people reached out to The Community Outreach for support during a crisis situation in their life or to receive life-changing mentorship through the Genesis Mentoring Program.  In 2016, that number rapidly grew to 8100 people.  Together with the Sioux Empire United Way, The Community Outreach works daily to provide financial assistance, bus passes, utility disconnect prevention, and referrals to services with case management.   Your donation helps provide these services to so many in our community who are in crisis.

September 12th marks the kick off for the 2018 Sioux Empire United Way campaign.  The Community Outreach staff was proud to be at the event to hear about the impact that our programs and 88 others have in Sioux Falls.  “Donate a difference” means many things, but through the Sioux Empire United Way working with The Community Outreach, it means caring for the unmet needs of our community, together.

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