Hope Coalition – RSVP for Pastors Conversation – January 21st

Dear Friend in Christ,

To RSVP for the January 21st Hope Coalition Pastors Conversation, please click on the following http://hopecoalition.eventbrite.com or give us a call at 331-3935.

Our overarching goal for this meeting is to explore the value of creating a collaborative system to improve each congregation’s ability to equip, organize, and mobilize believers to serve.  (Something along the lines of a national strategy named ‘cityserve’.  (If you do an internet search on ‘cityserve’ you will find several examples where churches in other cities have collaborated together to make a larger impact in their community.)

We will have only two topics for this meeting:

  1. CityServe – What is it? … and Do we need it? (A 15 minute overview presentation followed by an open conversation of the pros and cons of an approach like this in Sioux Falls); and
  2. Near term opportunities for our congregations to care for low income families and their children in our elementary schools. (We will share some Information we have gathered and invite conversation about ways congregations can make an immediate impact in our elementary schools, where 47% of our children have identified themselves as ‘Not Hopeful’ about their future.


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Rev. Richard Merkouris                                                                                     Gary Helder, Volunteer

King of Glory Church & The Sioux Falls Ministry Center             The Community Outreach

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