Housing Program Aims to Increase Home Ownership among Low Income Households

July 17, 2017 – The Community Outreach announced a new home ownership initiative for low-income families, Hezekiah House.   For over 40 years, The Community Outreach, a Sioux Falls nonprofit ministry, has provided for the emergency needs of the working poor in the Sioux Empire.  Over 8000 families contacted The Community Outreach for support in 2016.  They also announced a new brand identity for the ministry.

Hezekiah House partners to make a house become your home through financial education and homeownership skills.  Aimed at lower income families wanting to take the next step in their dream of home ownership, this program will provide clean and safe rental units for up to 36 months for families who are working hard to better their futures.  At the end of the program, participants may be eligible to receive up to 50% of their total rent paid back for a down payment on a future home.

“Hezekiah House helps us address a huge need in our community,” says Dane Bloch, Executive Director of The Community Outreach.  “Over the last several years, we have experienced a nearly 100% increase in requests for support.  As a ministry of hope, we believe Hezekiah House will provide a renewed hope in the lives of the working poor in the Sioux Empire.”

During the program, participants will be partnered with a long-term volunteer mentor to help teach financial management skills to program participants.  These skills help prepare participants to purchase a home when they receive a rent return following successful participation in the program.  Participants will also receive credit education and counseling, learn the ins and outs of home management, and meet other families working towards the same goals.

The Community Outreach also announced a new brand identity for the ministry.  The logo is clean and elegant with a simplicity meant to capture a sense of warmth, compassion, and love.  The graphic mark blends the elements of a heart with an Ichthys, a Christian symbol for Jesus Christ—the epitome of grace and love.

The Community Outreach will begin accepting applications for the Hezekiah House in the Fall of 2017, with the first participants taking residence in Spring 2018.   All care at The Community Outreach is provided without considering a persons faith or beliefs.

To make a donation toward Hezekiah House, please head to this link or call The Community Outreach.

Questions can be directed to Dane Bloch, Executive Director of The Community Outreach, at 605-331-3935.

“Partnering in Christian Ministry to Share Hope and Provide Tools for Daily Living”

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