How Much Would $25,000 Really Change Your Life?


Have you heard the news story recently about a lady in Massachusetts who won the lottery?  At $700 million dollars, she is the sole winner of the largest lottery in history!  In an instant, her entire life shifted in so many ways.  For better or for worse, she suddenly had hundreds of life changing choices to make at once.

What amount of money would you consider to be a life changing amount?  Would it be $10 million dollars?  $1 million dollars?  $100,000 dollars?  Any amount of money has the ability to change your decision making.

But what about $25,000.  Would you decide to buy a new car?  Go on vacation?  Give some money away to family and friends, or even your church?

At The Community Outreach, we know exactly what we would do with $25,000.  We would use it to help hundreds of more people in the midst of their crisis situations.  In 2016, over 8100 people contacted The Community Outreach in need is assistance.  With limited resources available, we are not able to assist everyone who is truly in need.

But how far would $25,000 really reach with such a huge demand?  Based on three-year averages on per client assistance per year, the impact would be life changing for hundreds of lives.

We could see 492 more clients for financial training and case management;

Or serve 58 more families stay in their homes;

Or assist 72 more families to keep their utilities running;

Or provide 833 new employees with transportation assistance to get to work on time.

Divided equally between all four categories of crisis care support, with just $25,000 more in funding, every month we could help:   11 more people as clients, help 1 for rental assistance, help 1.5 for utilities, and help 18 for bus passes.  That increases the needs met by almost 400 people per year!

Even better, through the generous support of the Sioux Empire United Way, every dollar given to The Community Outreach goes directly to supporting the unmet crisis needs of our community.

In the wake of hurricane damage and a growing need nationally for stronger communities, consider ways that you can personally impact the lives of your neighbors.  We are called to live as people in this world, aiding and serving those around us.  What can you do today with your talents of time and resources?  And if you win $25,000, please give us a call!

“Bear each other’s burdens, and in this way, you will fulfill the Law of Christ.”  Galatians 6:2

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