New Options Added to the Genesis Program!

The Genesis Mentoring Program has been a transformational ministry at The Community Outreach for many years.  Hundreds of individuals and families have taken steps to turn the course of their lives for the better through learning self-sufficiency skills.  These families, and the generations to follow, will be forever improved thanks to their commitment and faithful mentorship of volunteers.

Over the past several years, more and more people have been looking for assistance.  Seeing a growing need, the Genesis Mentoring Program of The Community Outreach is shifting the pre-screening process to better prepare candidates for the hallmark experience of the Genesis Program, the relationship between the mentor and mentee.

Starting August 1st, 2017, applicants to the Genesis Mentoring Program will have two tracks options for mentees to follow before a match with a mentor.  This growth in the program will better prepare the mentee to thrive when matched with a mentor.

Track A is the current process for a mentee to be brought through the program, with a participant having employment to cover their expenses and stable housing.

“Sarah” came to The Community Outreach to apply for the Genesis Program. She is currently employed full time, and is a single mom of one child. She was out of work for five months due to health problems. Last month she returned to work, but needs help addressing the debts she accrued during the five month period she was out of work. While she was unemployed and desperate, she used credit cards to stay afloat. She is looking for guidance and a plan that will allow her to pay off her debts while maintaining her current living expenses.

Sarah will go through Genesis Track A. She will meet with her mentor team for 18 weeks, which includes 11 meetings with her mentor team and a meeting with a financial counselor at LSS Credit Counseling.

Track B is geared towards those who are along the path for success but have not yet met all the qualifications.  They will work with a case worker for a maximum of 90 days to meet the qualifications.

“Dan” came to The Community Outreach to apply for the Genesis Program. He is currently homeless, and is staying at the Bishop Dudley Hospitality House. Last month Dan moved to Sioux Falls from Iowa to be closer to his family. He is currently looking for full time employment, and has submitted a couple of applications. Dan is eager to begin the Genesis Program because he has struggled with budgeting his money in the past.

Dan will go through Genesis Track B. He will work with a Genesis Case Manager for up to ninety days. During this timeframe Dan will meet with his Case Manager biweekly to work towards obtaining full time employment and affordable housing.  Once he’s completed these goals, Dan will be matched with his Genesis mentor team. 

This marks an exciting time for the Genesis Mentoring Program and The Community Outreach. Forums will be scheduled in August 2017 to help address questions and provide education for current and prospective volunteer mentors.  For questions, please contact The Community Outreach at 605-331-3935, email at [email protected], or visit our website at


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