Poverty Training with Focused Community Strategies of Atlanta

Are you looking to help those in poverty in Sioux Falls the right way? Concerned with showing stewardship with your church’s benevolence funds?

Join with The Community Outreach to welcome Focused Community Strategies of Atlanta as they offer two days of training. If you are a church member, pastor, lay leader, or wanting to learn new strategies on engaging in poverty, this is an event for you.

Tuesday, January 23rd at 7 pm: “Reimagine Charity”: This seminar introduces groups to the basic concepts of toxic and responsible charity. It is an interactive 3-hour event that invites groups to consider why traditional charity paradigms are not working and to envision a new and better way forward. By looking at real-life examples, participating in thought-provoking exercises and being exposed to compelling teaching, participants come away ready to chart a new course for more responsible charity.

Wednesday, January 24th at 9 am: “Changing the Charity Paradigm”: This workshop is a dynamic, research-based and practical event. It has been built for groups that have read Bob Lupton’s books, participated in the Reimagine Charity Seminar or are simply ready to start changing the way charity is practiced. It is truly a workshop in that participants will work on real-life initiatives and will come away prepared to take the next, best steps in their charity.

To learn more or register, contact The Community Outreach at 605-331-3935  or register here!

This event is free to attend but space is limited.  The Wednesday training will include a box lunch with a suggested donation of $10 to cover the food.



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