Crisis Care

Housing Assistance and Utility Cut-off Prevention Assistance

Because we seek to ‘Fill the Gaps’  in available government assistance programs, we generally ask people to first seek emergency assistance from the County in which they live. When public resources cannot fully meet the need, our housing and utility assistance programs are designed to assist with housing deposits; rent or mortgage assistance, or assistance to avoid utility disconnections. (When funds are available and the client meets our guidelines for assistance).

Transportation Assistance

The ministry primarily provides a transportation assistance through 30-day Bus Passes for the Sioux Area Metro. These passes are available for those who have recently secured employment, but have not yet received their first paycheck. Because of the high need for transportation assistance in the Sioux Empire, these passes are often distributed within the first half of the month.

In addition to bus passes, we are also able to distribute a very limited number of gas vouchers for those who depend on their vehicle to get to and from work and do not have easy access to a bus route. Gas Vouchers are typically limited to those in need who have just started work, but who have not yet received their first paycheck.

Car Repair Assistance

The Community Outreach is proud to partner with NeedsFree to provide assistance through the NeedsFree Car Repair program.

Through partnerships with local auto mechanics and service providers, Needs Free Car Repair is able to provide a voucher for small car repairs and maintenance. To learn more about the specifics and qualifications for this program, contact us at 605-331-3935.