Genesis Mentoring Program

What is Genesis Mentoring?

Genesis Mentoring is a program for individuals and families striving to make difficult life changes to improve their ability to obtain or retain safe and permanent housing.  We match a qualified individual or family with a volunteer who has been trained as mentors.  Supported by a member of the professional Genesis Team, the Mentee(s) and Mentor work together for 18 weeks to complete a curriculum designed to improve goal setting, budgeting, parenting, and other daily living skills identified as important. Genesis Mentoring combines sharing information and encouragement, within a trust-building personal relationship, to improve the Mentees ability to remain safely housed and to better care for their basic physical needs.

How does Genesis Mentoring Work?

A working poor individual or family is interviewed by a member of our Genesis team and selected to be matched with a mentor. The Mentee(s) complete a household financial literacy curriculum (with parenting and other daily living skills assistance as needed), with the help of a dedicated and trained mentor.

Mentee(s) and Mentors meet 12 times during an 18 week period; with 8 sessions focused on skill development and 4 sessions focused on relationship building and fun. Both Mentors and Mentees are supported throughout the process by a professional Genesis team member within The Community Outreach.

Who are our Genesis Mentees:

  • Individuals or Families who are homeless or in dire risk of becoming homeless;
  • Have a verifiable source of income that will support their normal living expenses after they receive some short-term housing assistance;
  • Have expressed a desire to make some significant life style changes to improve their self-sufficiency;
  • Are looking forward to and committed to meeting with their Mentors at least 12 times over 18 weeks; and
  • Agree to complete the Genesis Mentoring goal setting, budgeting, and where applicable parenting curriculum.

How do I get involved?

Contact Brett at The Community Outreach if you would like more information.  Please complete this interest form or call him at (605) 331-3935 or email Brett.  

 THANK YOU for volunteering to make a difference!!!