Ransom Church Provides 280 Monthly Bus Passes to Those in Need!



A huge thank you to our friends and partners in ministry at Ransom Church who just wrapped up their October Bus Pass Drive!

Throughout the month of October, Ransom Church partnered with The Community Outreach to raise funds to provide 280 bus passes for those in need through the Route to Success Program. Angel Metzger delivered the funds to the ministry on Monday!

We are so grateful for the response of the Church and it’s members in providing this vital service and meeting this important need.

The Community Outreach has set a goal to raise $25,000 throughout 2015 to triple the amount of monthly SAM Passes given to job seekers and newly-employed persons. This gift helps the ministry cross the 50% mark with new pledges and gifts coming in daily.

To learn more about Route to Success or to see how your congregation can be involved, click here!

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