Recapping a Wonderful Sharing Christmas 2015!

What an amazing and wonderful Savior we serve.  It is fun to watch Him work!   He brought together nearly 575 families in need of some extra help with more than 400 donors desiring to share their time and gifts to prove He cares … as do we, His people.  We are not completely sure how many lives were touched, as some donors told us of going the extra mile to help out a neighbor of the family we matched them with.  Another example of love is the recipient family that told me they were re-gifting some of their items to a neighbor so they could also have joy this Christmas.


We were also blessed with many volunteers who helped enter information, deliver gifts, and help others smile.  And a special thanks to the donors who were patient with the ups and downs of putting this together and the challenges of navigating the chaotic world many financially struggling families experience.    It’s not easy when the money runs out before the month and phones get turned off; or when rent money is not there requiring the family to move; or when someone’s health diminishes and they are not as accessible as we would like; or when we experience a language barrier.


We also were often blessed by and had smiles on our faces as we saw little ones skip and jump in anticipation of what is in the tubs, black plastic bags, and boxes.  It was fun to eavesdrop on a single mom saying to her children, “now keep your eyes straight ahead and no peeking” as their items were brought to them.


And with other parents, seeing the somewhat overwhelmed looks of surprise and joy at the generosity of their donor.  Expressing gratitude in multiple languages and sometimes with no words at all, as emotions overcame them … or they simply do not yet know enough English.  And there were an over whelming number of hugs, shy smiles, and handshakes.  Even when it was very difficult for some to ask for help; they set aside their pride for the sake of their children receiving gifts, even though their response may not show it.


Thank you KNWC staff and listeners for being a very important part of this ministry.  May you feel His peace and blessings in all you do … and thanks for planning to join us again starting Oct. 1, 2016.   By share the joy of volunteering and giving, you will help us ensure that next year will not need to turn any families down.

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