Sharing Christmas 2020

Not everything goes to plan.  Has there ever been a year that has exemplified this statement as much as 2020?  Vacations and birthday celebrations have changed. Weekend activities like sports, grocery store shopping, or importantly, worshiping on weekends drastically changed to life at home and behind a computer.  How will Christmas be different for you this year?

Every child enters the Christmas season with dreams of Legos, toy cars, coloring sets, or a special new doll, quarantined or not!  Every parent wants to provide presents for their children at Christmas.  For many parents, anticipating Christmas comes with stress and frustration figuring out how to make ends meet.   With expenses like rent, utilities, childcare, car insurance, and groceries, many parents do not have the extra income available to provide for their children’s Christmas and shop with pride and dignity.  Many parents would even prefer to purchase gifts for their children over receiving a hand-out, but due to limited income, are truly not able to do so.  COVID-19 has only made these challenges harder for many families.

Here’s how you can help!  For Sharing Christmas 2020, donors have three options when choosing to share your Christmas with a family: The Sharing Christmas Store, Open Sponsorship, or a Closed Sponsorship.

  • The Sharing Christmas Store is an opportunity for parents who have been adopted more than two times to shop for gifts for their children with pride and dignity.   Donations of new toys are needed for the store, where they are offered for sale at 10% of the retail value, ie: $5 for $50 value (preferred option);
  • Open Sponsorship pairs a donor with a first- or second-year family in need.  Donors deliver directly to the family they are sponsoring and arrange for a meeting time (preferred option);
  • Closed Sponsorship is the same an Open Sponsorship, but instead donors deliver gifts to the Empower Campus and we arrange to meet with the family.

COVID-19 has caused most plans to change and Sharing Christmas will be no different.  Plans are underway to ensure donor, applicant, and volunteer safety is a priority as well as back-up plans to meet the need in case of the necessity of another long-term quarantine.

If you would like to volunteer for Sharing Christmas, please follow the link here.

Thank you for your support and partnership in Sharing Christmas.  To care for people well, we must have a plan to help the whole individual and solve the issues and not just the symptoms.  By taking the time to meet and support someone in crisis where they are at, you are creating a pathway toward self-sufficiency.

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