Tiffany – Sioux Falls

Take a moment to read Tiffany’s inspiring story:
My name is Tiffany, I am a single mother of four beautiful little girls. I was at one point a happily married stay at home mother, 4 years ago my life took a very drastic change. My husband was not the person I thought he was, he ended up in prison and I found myself raising our girls alone, in a very different way than I ever thought I was going to. I was lost and so very alone.
I found a mobile home for $500, it was a place to be but its was, well condemn-able. I was drowning in debt, not knowing how to manage the little money I had, not knowing if I would be able to even get my children the basic necessities of life. I cried, a lot!!
Almost 2 years ago a friend of mind was going through a program that was teaching her how to budget her money and also mentored her as a friend and as a mother. This program was the Genesis Program through the Community Outreach.  I very hesitantly signed up, being a single mother and signing up for programs that are supposed to help you is hard and embarrassing. Most of the time the people that are put in the position to help you make you feel worse about where you are, this is not the case at The Community Outreach. I felt so loved the moment I walked in, I felt like I could sit and tell my story and cry and not feel judged for wanting to know more and do better. Chasity made me feel very comfortable, she was so kind and so open with me. When she came to my condemn-able home, she said nothing about it, she was so great to my children. she even gave them all blankets they still love and cuddle with.
I started the program with a young couple, they were very nice but not the best fit for me. I was considering quitting the program (I tend to shut down around men) Chasity called me to see what was going on and what she could do to help me. She even offered to be my mentor herself (eventually she did without even knowing) I was set up with 2 amazing women that helped me finish the program. They became friends, something I needed more than anything at the moment. They taught me how to manage my money, how to be comfortable talking to people about what we need and not be ashamed to ask for help.
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